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Whether to house your outdoor kitchen, or to set the serene scene, we can construct the perfect outdoor getaway.

Custom Pergola & Tiki Hut Projects

Enjoying your property means having space outdoors that is festive, fun, spacious, and full of life.

There are many different options at your disposal – you can install an outdoor kitchen, a grill island, and even a tiki hut. A tiki hut provides a fun atmosphere for friends and family in addition to providing good protection from the hot water and a quick summer rain! Our tiki hut contractors and design team can help build a tiki hut to your specifications so that it fits seamlessly on your property. If you have an outdoor space in your backyard and think it could use some sprucing up, contact U.S. Brick & Block Systems today and a member of our team will be happy to assist you in providing you with more information. At U.S. Brick & Block Systems, we strive to provide the highest level of professional contracting service at competitive rates. We look forward to helping you get your tiki hut up!

One of the best features of a tiki hut is how versatile space can be. Depending on the size and scope of your property, our team can ensure your tiki hut provides adequate shelter for whatever you need:

– An outdoor kitchen area with a grill
– A traditional tiki bar with or without a fridge
– Storage, organization, and prep area for tiki bar
– Patio lighting, heating, and more

We know that there are many options for your tiki bar and the configuration is important to get right. At the beginning of every process, a member of our team will come to your property to do a proper assessment. We can measure the space for the tiki hut or tiki bar to ensure that the structure will fit properly. Even if your space only has room for a tiki umbrella, we are confident we can find you something that will be just right.

Tiki Umbrellas For Sale And Much More

At U.S. Brick & Block Systems, our selection of tiki huts, tiki bars, and tiki umbrellas is unmatched. We have a wide array to choose from and all of them are at affordable rates. We help every step of the way including installation so that your tiki hut is perfectly suited to your property. As with any contracting work done on your home, we know the process can be stressful and expensive. At U.S. Brick & Block Systems, we aim to provide top level customer service and a keen attention to detail so your tiki hut purchase is smooth and easy. Our tiki hut builders have years of experience designing and implementing classic tiki hut and tiki bars for a wide variety of homes in the Fort Lauderdale area. We have been a consistent leader because we are customer driven and always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We want all of our customers to enjoy their professionally designed and installed tiki huts for years and years.

For top level tiki hut designs and installations in Fort Lauderdale, contact U.S. Brick & Block Systems today at 954-792-0076.