Artificial Turf - US Brick and Block
Synthetic turf has come a long way from its earliest iterations; today, artificial grass is a smart and luxurious long-term investment in your comfort, your property, and even the value of your time.

Custom Artificial Turf Projects

At U.S. Brick & Block, we are here to help you design, develop, and enjoy a beautiful home exterior or outdoor property, including a synthetic lawn in Fort Lauderdale that requires virtually no care and always looks its best.

A Closer Look at Synthetic Turf

Modern synthetic turf is not only nearly impossible to differentiate from real grass, it is also much more durable and easier to care for than the industry’s first attempts at fake grass. Synthetic lawn products are actually made up of several layers which, working together with the product’s installation, ensure both the look and the longevity you want.

The artificial grass you see is only the top layer of the synthetic turf product. Fake grass is infilled with synthetic and natural granular fibers, such as sand and recycled rubber, which provides a stable soil-like foundation for each artificial blade.

Beneath the infill is a backing layer, which contains weep holes for drainage when it rains. The weep holes allow water to drain from the top of the product down through the energy pad and leveling layer, which sits below the backing layer, and into the drainage layers.

A layer of drainage stone impregnated with drainage pipes allow rainwater and other liquids to move away from the synthetic turf; these layers are typically separated from the natural subgrade of your property by a thin geotextile layer.

The Major Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf has an amazing array of benefits and advantages over natural turf, as well as a wide range of applications. If you’d like to learn more about modern synthetic turf and how it can benefit your property, please call U.S. Brick and Block today at (954) 792-0076.

Fake grass requires none of the maintenance that a real lawn needs, including mowing, watering, fertilization or reseeding. Installing faux grass on your property will thus drastically minimize the time and cost of maintaining your lawn over time, as well as the environmental costs by eliminating the need for watering and pest control.

Synthetic turf is designed to provide optimal appearance, traction, and safety all year long, regardless of weather, use, and other factors. Because synthetic grass is not as vulnerable as real turf to overuse, pests, and adverse weather conditions, it remains stable and beautiful regardless of whether it serves as a home lawn or a sports field.