Repair & Maintenance - US Brick and Block
Protect Your Pavers from Climates…Weather can be unpredictable and cause severe damage to your property

Paver Maintenance, Cleaning & Care in Miami, Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach

At U.S. Brick and Block, we offer pavers to withstand corrosion and other conditions. Seasonal maintenance can preserve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor surfaces.

Our care and maintenance tips include the following

  • Use a coarse broom to keep pavers clean and fresh.
  • Remove weeds to prevent your pavers from shifting over time.
  • Use power washers with caution to avoid aggravating the surface.
  • Clean the surface area before applying any solutions to the pavers.
  • Read all directions thoroughly before using any products and thoroughly rinse solution off after use.
  • Remove any oil spills as quickly as possible by soaking up spills – do not to rub the oil in.